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About this page

Are you interested in helping to maintain the EWBC’s website?  Do you want to add information about your ministry to our website? Or are you interested in learning about WordPress?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.


A church’s website is often the first impression people see when looking for a church.  Your contributions can make our website better and help people to know what God is doing here at EWBC.   There are two ways you can contribute to our website.  Submit content to be published, or modify the website directly.

Submitting content

Do you want to add content, pictures, upcoming events, or information about your ministry here at EWBC to our website, but have no interest in learning WordPress?   Maybe you hate computers or just don’t have the time.  You can email your content to me and I will integrate it into the website.  My contact information is found at the bottom of this page.

Maintaining/improving our website

Thank you for your interest in helping EWBC maintain its website. Our website is implemented using WordPress. I have collected some short videos to help you get started if you are new to WordPress.

  • What is WordPress (~1.5 minutes)
    How does WordPress work? (a little more technical, ~4.5 minutes)

    • The theme we are using is the "Astra" Theme
    • The main plugin we use is the "Beaver Builder" drag and drop page editor

Before you can modify or contribute to our website directly you must first register to it.  Go to the WordPress login page and select Register under the login box.  After registering your account, we will modify it so you to edit the website.  This usually happens within 24 hours.  Contact Ralph Barke (Contact info at the bottom of this page) if you have any questions or issues gaining access. After you have been updated, you can use the WordPress Dashboard and Beaver Builder to modify our website.

  • Intro to the WordPress Dashboard (~3.5 minutes)
    • Remember to Login using:
    • Note: Most of the time, we will be going to Pages, Menus, or Customize.
      • Pages are where we add new pages or modify existing pages
      • Under Appearance, you'll find Menus and Customize
        • In the Menus area, we can add a menu item to point to our new page. We can also edit the menu structure
        • Customize is where we can change site-wide things Like the Page banner, Lego, header, footer, sidebar, etc.
      • We are not currently using Posts.
  • How to Edit a Page on your WordPress Website with Beaver Builder (~3.5 minutes)
    • Things to remember in Beaver Builder
      • Adding new columns or modules, Start with the blue plus sign in the upper right-hand corner to open the beaver builder options.
      • You only need to add a row if you want multiple columns
      • Modules can be placed within row layouts
      • In either case, you must drag the row or module to the desired location on the page. You can't simply click it.
      • If you are modifying a large portion of text, consider modifying it in a word processor first and then copy and paste it into the Beaver Builder text module.  That way you have a copy in case there is any disruption with the internet or any problem with Beaver Builder  (Learned the hard way)

Testing and Learning

We also maintain a test website here: This is a duplicate of the EWBC website that you can use to learn and experiment with WordPress. This is a great place to explore and experiment with WordPress Themes and Plugins.  Occasionally, and after new contributors are added, this website is overwritten with a copy of the latest EWBC website. So don't count on your changes being there next time you log in.  If you would like your own sandbox site to experiment with, contact me (Contact info below) and we can create one just for you!  Also, we do maintain backups of our main website, so you can't mess it up so badly that we can't recover.  Still, let's try not to mess it up.

Posting Guidelines

Once you are familiar with WordPress, you can help by keeping the site up to date, adding new content, fixing mistakes and grammar errors, correcting broken links, etc.   Here are some guidelines for posting on our website:

  • In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you. (Matthew 7:12a)
  • Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31b)
  • Don't publish pictures of children with names listed.
  • Don't publish pictures of anyone with names without written or email consent.
  • Don't publish anything that negatively portrays anyone without written or email consent.  Funny pictures or practical jokes etc. might be OK, but we would want written or email consent to make sure the subject of the joke also thinks it is funny.
  • General group or activity pictures are OK.
  • Do not post advertisements or promote personal business or non-church-related activities.
  • Please fix or correct errors if you find them.
  • Please remove or rewrite past events if they are written as future events.

Ralph Barke’s contact information

Hopefully, you found this webpage helpful. If there is additional information that would have been helpful, feel free to add it to this page. But remember to add your changes to the main website, not the test site, so it doesn’t get overwritten.  If you have any questions or need additional help, you can call me or email me here:

Ralph Barke
Mobile: 714-922-0378 (voice or text)